Range Technology is now offering our Start/Stop Disabler for Ford F-150!

Author: Josh Greenwald | 06/04/2020 < Back to Blog Home

This simple to use, inexpensive Start/Stop Disabler module from Range Technology puts an end to the annoying auto Start/Stop feature found in most late model F-150 trucks. While Ford engineers equipped the F-150 with an on-dash button to deactivate Start/Stop, it still has to be pressed and deactivated with every key cycle. With our patented technology, the Ford Start/Stop Disabler plugs into the truck’s OBD-II diagnostic port and will deactivate Start/Stop once and for all. With no changes to the truck’s ECM, it leaves no traces in the system. This means returning to factory operation is as easy as simply unplugging the module, keeping your factory warranty intact.


The Ford F-150 Auto Start Stop function shuts down your engine at traffic stops, and upon release of the brake pedal, the engine restarts and resumes function as needed. However, the added delay and hesitation created by this procedure can make normal stop and go traffic situations frustrating for any driver. By disabling the F-150 auto Start/Stop all together, you can rest assured your engine is always running and ready to go when you are. No more waiting, and no more wear and tear on engine starter and vehicle battery and ignition system.


Our state of the art technology allows the Start/Stop Disabler to simply plug in under the dash, no programming or wait required. Plugging in to your OBD-II powers up and activates the module. Looking to remove the Disabler and return to factory function? That’s easy too, just unplug the module. While this is our introductory product into the Ford market, we have been building and selling our popular Start/Stop Disabler for the GM market for years now with incredible success and excellent feedback from owners. Rid yourself of the worry and concern of whether that F-150 will be ready to take off when you are, and check out our new Ford Start Stop Disabler today!

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