We are experts in Active Fuel Management.

It took over 8,000 hours and more than 100,000 miles on the road to develop
technology that customizes your vehicle to suit your driving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will installing Range void my warranty?

No. Dealers are not allowed by law to void a warranty due to the installation of aftermarket parts. Since the Range device does not alter the normal operating conditions of the vehicle, it can't do damage.  It simply applies a power smoothing algorithm to ensure that the vehicle operates in its own 4 cylinder mode more often that the stock vehicle.  However, its always best to check with your dealer before installing, or better yet, have them call us directly.

Will Range affect my performance?

No.  Range does not alter the vehicle's ability to return to 8 cylinder mode when needed.  In heavy load situations (i.e., quick throttle, heavy throttle, uphill driving or towing), the vehicle will stay in 8 cylinder mode.  Range just allows you to drive in 4 cylinder mode when you don't need the power.  

Will Range damage my vehicle?

Absolutely not.  Range Technology has spent 2 years and half a million dollars testing this product to ensure safe operation.  We have driven these vehicles hundreds of thousands of miles to perfect the algorithm.  This product maintains all safety systems in the vehicle, but simply allows it to run more efficiently.

What is the 30 day satisfaction guarantee?

Exactly that. You can try the product risk free for 30 days. If you don't like it, we'll send you a label to send it back to us for free and refund the whole purchase price. No questions asked. We know that our business is driven by word of mouth - so we don't want one unsatisfied customer out there.  

Is it hard to install?

Range installs in 5 seconds with no tools. Just plug it in and you are ready to save money on gas. Further, you can uninstall it at any time just by unplugging it. Please see the install diagram here.

Do I have to drive differently?

You don't have to change your driving style at all to save money. Just plug in Range and drive like you normally would. But here at Range, being obsessed with fuel economy, we know that the way you drive can also have an effect on your fuel economy performance, so we have aggregated a list of tips and tricks from our research that can help you drive more efficiently. Interested? Click here and find out even more ways to improve your fuel economy.