Enhanced Fuel Economy

Active Fuel Management, available on most GM trucks and SUVs, helps lower fuel costs by enabling V8 engines to behave like four-cylinder engines when cruising with light loads, while seamlessly unleashing their full muscle whenever needed. Range AFM Plus works with your factory installed AFM allowing your vehicle to drive in V4 mode up to 80% of the time, maximizing your fuel and dollar savings. The average driver can save approximately 65 gallons of gas per year or about $250.

Get the most out of every mile

Learn about the benefits of Range

  • Save up to $1700*
    The average driver will save $250 a year. Over the lifetime of your vehicle that can really add up.
    *based on V4 Max and an average vehicle lifespan of 7 years
  • Fast and easy setup
    Simply plug in Range into your onboard OBD-II port and it instantly begins working with your Active Fuel Management to optimize your fuel economy.
  • Save 65 gallons of gas a year
    If you drive 15,000 miles, you will save an average of 65 gallons of gas a year. Saving fuel means saving money and time, with a lot fewer trips to the gas station. *based on V4 Max
  • Save the planet
    If all AFM powered vehicles were optimized it could save up to 193 million gallons of fuel per year. Less pollution and a lot less imported gas.
  • Installation:

    Range plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port located under your dashboard.

    An OBD-II port is the same port that mechanics use to run engine diagnostics or to evaluate emissions. No special tools or training are necessary.
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      Range AFM Plus optimizes your performance by better identifying your driving situations helping you get more miles out of a gallon of gas.