Check Engine Lights

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Check Engine Lights

10 min read

Infrequently, our device will interrupt communications and temporary check engine lights will appear on the dash. 

Our latest firmware version solves this (which is most often seen on 2017+ vehicles)  

If you have a module that does not have the latest firmware, then send in your module for a FREE update to the latest firmware! THIS IS THE MOST COMMON REASON FOR CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS ... ESPECIALLY ON 2017 VEHICLES! We have updated the firmware to prevent this and updating your module will prevent check engine lights.

Please email [email protected] or call 888-997-6615 for instructions on how to get the upgrade!

If this problem manifests in your vehicle, it will almost always occur when starting the vehicle (and our module is waking up). DO NOT CONTINUE TO DRIVE WITH THE MODULE PLUGGED IN IF THIS OCCURS! UNPLUG IT AS SOON AS IT IS SAFE TO REACH DOWN AND UNPLUG IT (this helps prevent additional codes and eventually limp mode)!

Instead, do the following:

  1. UNPLUG the module
  2. Wait 10 seconds and then PLUG THE MODULE BACK in with ENGINE RUNNING
  3. Drive a short distance. In most cases, this will reset the code (and light)

IF this does NOT clear the code:

  1. UNPLUG the Range module
  2. Turn the key completely off and remove it from the ignition.  
  3. Wait for 3-4 minutes and restart the vehicle (with module UNPLUGGED). Alternatively, you can drive the vehicle without the module at this point.
  4. WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING, plug the module BACK in. This will send a DTC ALL CLEAR to all modules on the bus when it's plugged in "hot" like this (like a scan tool)
  5. Drive a short distance and see if the light resets.
  6. IF NOT, you may have accumulated some "Historical codes, which require a few drive cycles before they are totally reset (like STABILITRAK messages). In that case, unplug the module again and drive for WITHOUT the module for a time and they will reset by themselves

NOTES: Since the "Historical" code is stored (even if you unplug the battery cables) for a number of drive cycles, you need to complete 6-8 drive cycles without the code reoccurring to have the messages regarding the ABS or PowerSteering or Stabilitrak system clear. It's a requirement by the govt. to NOT be able to clear the historical so that a technician can diagnose it if it was a communications error (which is what is stored ... a U1xxx - communications lost DTC)


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