Is the Corvette/Camaro Active Exhaust Affected?

By: Ken Mosher | 09/17/2019 < Back to Blog Home

The preceding chart shows the complex interaction of the 15+ Corvette Active Exhaust feature (which is slightly different between automatic and manual cars). The long and short of it is that the exhaust has two sets of valves ... the 2 NPP valves at the back of the car (just before the mufflers Flange set #2 in the picture below) and 2 more valves for the AFM closer to the front of the car (Flange Set #1)

With the Range AFM disabler installed, the AFM valves should remain open (because the car never goes into V4) and the primary control of the exhaust note comes from the other NPP valves and user selection. The AFM never comes into play.

Cluster DisplayTourTourTourSportTrack
Throttle ProgressionWeatherNormalNormalSportSport
Trans Shift Mode (if equipped)NormalNormalNormalSportTrack
Active Fuel ManagementNormalEcoNormalNormalNormal
Exhaust ModeEcoEcoTourSportTrack
StabiliTrakNormalNormalNormalNormalComp Mode Avail
Electronic Limited Slip (if equipped)Mode 1Mode 1Mode 1Modes 2 & 3Modes 2 & 3
Magnetic Selective Ride (if equipped)TourTourTourSportTrack
Launch ControlN/AN/AN/AN/AAvailable
Traction ControlWeatherNormalNormalNormalTrack
Performance Traction or Competitive Mode (if equipped)OffOffOffOffAvailable
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